PhD in History of Sciences and Scientific Education

Entidade parceira: Universidade de Aveiro

General Objectives of the Course

The central role played today in society by Science and Technology (S&T) requires a critical and systematic reflection on science and its applications.
This PhD program focuses on the role of history of science in scientific education and in the public understanding of science.
It configures a multidisciplinary academic space that includes history of science, scientific education, the communication and dissemination of science, and the philosophy and sociology of sciences. It leads to the formation of new researchers in areas related to the historical development and social and cultural function of S&T in connection with scientific education, the management of scientific information and the preservation of scientific cultural heritage.
It offers a specialization for the owners of Masters in Science Teaching, Education and Communication in Science, History and Philosophy of Science, History, Health Sciences and Technologies, etc., who are interested in the history of science.

Admission Requirements

To join the program, the applicant must satisfy the conditions laid down by national law, in specific normative applicable and, in particular, satisfy at least one of the alternatives expressed in the following paragraphs:
a. Hold a Master's degree, or legal equivalent in Science Teaching, in History and Philosophy of Science,
in Experimental Sciences or Humanities and Social Sciences, or a related field;
b. Hold a Bachelor's Degree, or equivalent, and hold a relevant scientific or professional curriculum that is recognized as attesting the capacity to carry out this cycle of studies by the Scientific Program;
c. Presenting an academic or professional curriculum that is recognized by the Scientific Committee as attesting the capacity to carry out this cycle of studies.

Candidates should check the admission requirements available on this site, in addition to the information provided here.

Mode of Study

Face-to-face / Daytime / Blended learning, supported on a platform like Moodle / The program admit a part-time enrollment

Teaching / Evaluation language(s)


Examination Regulations, Assessment and Grading

The evaluation rules and classification are defined in the terms established by Scholar Regulation at the University of Coimbra (Regulation nº. 344/2010, Official Gazette, Series II, of April 12, 2010), and Regulation of Studies at the University of Aveiro (Regulation nº. 214/2012, Official Gazette, Series II, of June 5, 2012).

Learning Objectives and Intended Skills

Understand the most important aspects of the evolution of science, analyzing its development as part of the intellectual and social experience of humanity.
Develop advanced research skills in the field of History of Science and Scientific Education.
Promote the acquisition of working methods according to current trends of historiography and pedagogy, for research in international and national units or integration in formal education institutions, dissemination of science and technology, network programming of science and culture (public and private) and other broadcasters and users of science.
Identify, preserve and display the Portuguese scientific heritage (museological and archival).
Encourage scientific reading and writing, the in-depth appropriation of scientific contents, the development of autonomous work in multidisciplinary research contexts, both nationally and internationally.

Course Coordinator(s)

Décio Ruivo Martins

Recognition of Prior Learning

Recognition of prior learning will be done under the terms established by the Regulations for Studies and Doctoral Programmes of UA and UC, imposed either by the Decree-­Law 74/2006, amended by Decree-­Law nº 107/2008 of 25 June and the Decree-­Law nº 230/2009 of 14 September, either by Regulation Scholar at the University of Coimbra (Regulation No. 344/2010, Official Gazette, Series II, from April 12, 2010), and Regulation Studies at the University of Aveiro (Regulation No. 214/2012, Official Gazette, Series II, from June 5, 2012)

Qualification Requirements and Regulations

Decree-Law no 74/2006, from March 24, amended by the decree no 107/2008, from June 25, and by the decree no 230/2009, from September 14; Ordinance no. 782/2009, from July 23.

Graduation Requirements

The course consists in the first semester, of three curricular units in the scientific area of History of Science and Scientific Education and one Free Option unit. This unit of Free Option will be offered by the two universities, chosen from one of the respective graduate courses. The choice will be made by students based on their specific needs for further studies. These four curricular units make up a total of 24 mandatory ECTS and 6 free ECTS. In the second semester students conduct a research project, that corresponds to 30 ECTS. The second and third years of the doctoral program are aimed at creating a thesis, corresponding to a total of 120 ECTS.

Study Programme

History of Sciences and Scientific Education

Academic year

Course Type
3rd Cycle Studies

DGES Code: 5876

Qualification Awarded: Doutor

Duration: 3 Year(s)

ECTS Credits: 180.0

Annual Fee: 2350.0


Call for Applications


1st Semester
Start date: 16-09-2019
End date: 21-12-2019
2nd Semester
Start date: 10-02-2020
End date: 30-05-2020


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2013-01-16 a 2019-01-15
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