Training Course in Dermopharmacy

General Objectives of the Course

Dermopharmacy is an area where a lot of medicines and health products are used, being the pharmacist often asked for advice and local production of this kind of products. It is well recognized that a deep and updated understanding is required in order to better serve patients. With these objectives in mind, the course was created with in order to promote the cross knowledge between chemistry, biology, pharmaceuticvs and dermopharmacy. It is required to update previous knowledge on skin biology and skin permeation, focusing the relevance of damaged skin, pointed out the physic-chemical characteristic of drugs and drug products.

Admission Requirements

Licentiates in Pharmacy. Masters in Pharmaceutical Sciences

Candidates should check the admission requirements available on this site, in addition to the information provided here.

Mode of Study


Teaching / Evaluation language(s)


Examination Regulations, Assessment and Grading

Final classification is awarded through a final exam quoted between 0 and 20.

Learning Objectives and Intended Skills

Update the knowledge of skin biology and cutaneous permeation, deep insight on dermatitis and other anomalous pigmentation and improve the competence for better select drugs and health products, promoting the advice capacity for patients.

Course Coordinator(s)

João José Martins Simões Sousa

Qualification Requirements and Regulations

Not applicable

Study Programme

Dermatological Pharmacy

Academic year

Course Type
Non Degree Course

Qualification Awarded: Diploma/Certificate

Duration: 30 HORAS

ECTS Credits: 3.0


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