Master in Physical Activity in School

Faculty of Sport Sciences and Physical Education

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Course Type

2nd Cycle Studies - Advanced Specialisation Master Programme

Qualification Awarded



4 Semester(s)

ECTS Credits



Advanced specialization second cycle

Course Coordinator(s)

Raúl Agostinho Simões Martins (raulmartins@fcdef.uc.pt)

General Objectives of the Course
Master's degree in Physical Activity and Public Health enable students to extend the training of graduates in sport and physical activity in an applied area that only starts with bachelor degree, thus valuing and leveraging their graduation exigency and professional proficiency.
This Master's degree will serve to solve professional problems useful to a professional exercise of self-learning capabilities with extensive powers of unrestricted research. The master also seeks a preparation for specialized knowledge in school context, by the deepening of scientific knowledge and refinement of skills in the Sport Sciences.
Learning Objectives and Intended Skills
A1. To know the main lifecycle periods, and the biological transformations, in connection to the motor abilities acquisition process, and development of motor-physical capacities;
A2. To know the underlying mechanisms of the human body to environment, particularly the human body under growing and maturation process;
A3. To analyze the human movement and energy expenditure, and to know the theories to improve quality of life;
A4. To know the psychological factors related with active and healthy lifestyles, including personality, motivation, stress, and anxiety;
A5. To know the risk factors and the relationships with school process, and society;
A6. To know the methodologies and main research techniques to plan and conduct an investigation and intervention project;
A7. To know the main factors to create, to program, to implement, to conduct, to evaluate, and to reformulate an intervention with children’s and young in scholar context.
A8. To know social functions of sport and physical activity, and to identify the mission of various systems and subsystems, as well as the main organizations of the sports system and educational system.
Mode of Study
Full-time; Face-to-face; Daytime
Access to Further Studies
Access to PhD in Sport Sciences.
Admission Requirements

Candidates to the master’s degree may be:
a) holders of a Bachelor’s degree or legal equivalent;
b) holders of a foreign higher academic degree, that was awarded after accomplishing a 1st cycle of studies, which should be structured according to the principles of the Bologna Process in an adhering country to this Process;
c) holders of a foreign higher academic degree that is recognized to meet the objectives of the Bachelor’s degree by the legal competent Scientific Council of the Higher Education Institution to which they want to be admitted.
d) holders of an academic, scientific or professional curriculum, which is recognized as attesting the capacity to accomplish this cycle of studies by the legal competent Scientific Council of the Higher Education Institution to which they want to be admitted.
* In each academic year, the admission notice for the course, which establishes the specific access requirements, should be consulted.

Candidates should check the admission requirements available on this site, in addition to the information provided here.

Recognition of Prior Learning
Accreditation of formation done in other studies cycles is analyzed individually.
Qualification Requirements and Regulations
Decree-Law no 74/2006, from March 24; Ordinance no 782/2009, from July 23; Ordinance no 256/2005, from March 16; Decree no 10725/2009, from April 24
Professional Goals
Health-fitness facilities; evaluation and prescription of exercise in health-related fitness context.
Examination Regulations, Assessment and Grading
Full-time; Face-to-face; Daytime.
Graduation Requirements

In order to get the Master’s Degree in Physical Activity and Public Health, the student must complete 120 ECTS of the study programme.

Study Programme
- A3ES
Agência de Avaliação e Acreditação do Ensino Superior
  • 2013-06-18 a 2019-06-17
R/A-Ef 3423/2011 - DGES
Direcção Geral de Ensino Superior
  • 2011-03-18