Specialization Course in Neerlandeses Studies

General Objectives of the Course

The Specialization Course in Netherland Studies is a postgraduate course that aims to provide theoretical and practical basis that is considered to be essential for the independent use of language in various social, cultural and professional areas.

Admission Requirements

In accordance with the dispatch that created the course:
a) Graduates in any field with a minimum mark of 12 points, who demonstrate a good knowledge of Dutch (three years of Dutch language and culture studies or, alternatively, by means of an entrance test;
b) exceptionally, in duly justified cases, candidates whose curriculum vitae shows an adequate scientific basic preparation may also be admitted (although in the bachelor’s degrees mentioned in no.1 they have obtained a final mark below 12 points) if they demonstrate a good knowledge of Dutch, according to the requirements mentioned in no.1.
The entrance test mentioned in subparagraph a) will be carried out on a date to be announced.

Candidates should check the admission requirements available on this site, in addition to the information provided here.

Professional Goals

Not applicable.

Mode of Study

The course is delivered in full time attendance in the daytime schedule.

Teaching / Evaluation language(s)


Examination Regulations, Assessment and Grading

ascertain competences and knowledge that students acquired, their critical thinking, their ability to point out and solve problems, as well as their written and oral expression. Students admitted to examination are those who are registered in the curricular units in the academic year in which the exams are carried out and, simultaneously, registered in those examinations, whenever this registration is necessary, in accordance with number 7, article 5 of the Pedagogical Regulation of the University of Coimbra.
The assessment elements are the following examples: written or oral exam, tests, written or practical assignments, as well as individual or group projects that may have to be orally defended and students’ participation in classes. Assessment of each curricular unit may include one or more of the mentioned assessment elements.

The mark obtained by each student in each curricular unit consists of a whole number between 0 and 20 points and students who obtain the minimum final mark of 10 points are successfully assessed.
Whenever assessment of a curricular unit comprises more than one assessment element, the final mark is calculated on the basis of the marks students obtained in each assessment element by means of a formula that is made public in accordance with number 1, article 8 of the Pedagogical Regulation of the University of Coimbra.

Recognition of Prior Learning

Not applicable

Qualification Requirements and Regulations

The legal framework for the qualifications is established by the dispatch no. 19171/2002, II Series, no. 198, 28th August 2002.

Graduation Requirements

The qualification will be awarded after the successful completion of all units of the first and second years.

Access to Further Studies

Not applicable

Study Programme

Netherlands Studies

Academic year

Course Type
Non Degree Course

DGES Code: 3315

Qualification Awarded: Diploma/Certificate

Duration: 2 Year(s)

ECTS Credits: 120.0

Price : 625.0


Call for Applications (only in portuguese)


1st Semester
Start date: 17-09-2012
End date: 21-12-2012
2nd Semester
Start date: 11-02-2013
End date: 31-05-2013