Doctoral Programme in Business Management

Faculty of Economics

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Academic year




Course Type

3rd Cycle Studies

Qualification Awarded



3 Year(s)

ECTS Credits


Annual Fee

2000.0 €

Course Coordinator(s)

Carlos Alberto Esteves Ferreira Gomes (cfgomes@fe.uc.pt)

Filipe Jorge Fernandes Coelho (fcoelho@fe.uc.pt)

ECTS Departmental Coordinator(s)

Carmen Isabel de Oliveira Amado Mendes (carmen.mendes@fe.uc.pt)

General Objectives of the Course
FEUCs PhD programme in Business Management aims to provide doctoral students the development of scientific skills into the preparation of pure and applied research projects in specific areas of management.
It's aimed to an audience that seeks to deepen the knowledge of themes and methods that research is developing, to give doctoral students the ability of analyze critically issues related to the management of organizations and to apply scientific research methods in the study of these issues.
It also pursuits the intersection between the research at the management field and the applicability of such research at management organizations related to business, encouraging the submission of research results to international dissemination and publication.
During the years 2 and 3 they will be working on their thesis.
Learning Objectives and Intended Skills
The learning goals are achieved from lectures on a series of subjects of instrumental nature and critical analysis. These subjects are required for the development of the empirical research and to the critical reading of academic articles in various areas of management. This will also increase their knowledge on the state of the art in relevant areas of the research project they will develop. Their attainment level is assessed by tests, individual research works, participation in conferences and publishing articles.
Mode of Study
Full-Time Regime, Face-to-face and Daytime
Access to Further Studies
Doctoral graduates will be able to access post-doctoral programmes, namely in the field of Management.
Admission Requirements

As defined in Article 64 of the Academic Regulation of the University of Coimbra and in the Act creating this doctoral programme:

a) holders of a master's degree or legal equivalent, in Management or Economics;

b) lecturers which have been approved in educational aptitude and scientific capacity tests in the fields of Management or Economics;

c) holders of a bachelor's degree in Management or Economics with a particularly relevant academic or scientific curriculum recognized by FEUC's Scientific Council as providing the skills for attending the current study cycle;

d) holders of a master's degree or legal equivalent, in areas other than Management or Economics, provided that the FEUC's Scientific Council, after hearing the opinion of the Programmes’ Coordination Board, considers that their curriculum provides an adequate background preparation;

d) holders of a school, scientific or professional curriculum recognized by FEUC's Scientific Council as providing the skills for attending the current study cycle.

The recognition mentioned in points c), d) and e) only allows access to a study cycle conducting to a doctoral degree, and does not entitle its holder any equivalence to a bachelor's or master's degree or a recognition thereof.

Candidates should check the admission requirements available on this site, in addition to the information provided here.

Recognition of Prior Learning
It is possible the recognition of prior learning according to the Regulation of Crediting of previous training and work experience of the University of Coimbra.
Qualification Requirements and Regulations
DL 74/2006, of 24 March, as amended by the DL 107/2008, of 25 June, by the DL 230/2009, of 14 September, and by the DL 115/2013, of 7 August
Professional Goals
Doctoral graduates in Management have qualifications to exercise functions in several business fields, such as auditing and consulting, banking and insurance, finance, production and supply, human resources, marketing, teaching and research, namely in public bodies, companies and organizations, both at national and international level.
Examination Regulations, Assessment and Grading
The regulations of the University of Coimbra on 3rd cycles are applied here, particularly the UC Pedagogical Regulation and the FEUC General Standards and Assessment.
Graduation Requirements

The doctoral programme lasts for 3 years (6 semesters) and includes a taught component in the first year. Attendance and approval in first-year seminars are required to present a dissertation project, whose successful defence is required for subsequent dissertation development. The dissertation will then be defended in a public examination. This programme leads to a doctoral degree in Management by the University of Coimbra.

Study Programme
Applications Notice (only in portuguese)
1st Quarterial
Start date: 28-09-2018
End date: 07-12-2018
2nd Quarterial
Start date: 11-01-2019
End date: 30-03-2019
3rd Quarterial
Start date: 03-05-2019
End date: 22-06-2019
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