TEDx Course

General Objectives of the Course

Promotion of critical thinking and discussion of different points of view, stimulating the exchange of opinions and interpersonal connection; dissemination of innovative ideas in different areas of knowledge; dissemination of free knowledge, focusing on socially and culturally relevant aspects; encouraging the search for knowledge in different areas, alerting to the pluricultural richness of the environment where we live.

Admission Requirements

Anyone interested in the course can enrol.

Candidates should check the admission requirements available on this site, in addition to the information provided here.

Mode of Study


Teaching / Evaluation language(s)


Examination Regulations, Assessment and Grading


Learning Objectives and Intended Skills

Development of critical thinking and argumentation skills; interpersonal connection.

Qualification Requirements and Regulations

Rules of creation and operation of non-degree courses at the University of Coimbra

Study Programme


Academic year

Course Type
Non Degree Course

Qualification Awarded: Diploma/Certificate

Duration: 13 HORAS

ECTS Credits: 0.5


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